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Omg it's been a while.. [30 Mar 2009|07:46pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wow so like it's been foreverness that i've been on lj omg! it's just that i'm always working and wit my son i don't get a chance. plus i get on myspace way more. wat's new with me? hmm i'm preganat again lol. i'm 3 months preg... I'm hoping for a girl this time *crosses fingers* other than that i've just been working and hang out with friends when i can.. well idk what else to say i miss y'all and hope everyone is doing fine!

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SO SICK OF GUYS. [18 Jul 2007|04:14pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey ya'll sorry I haven't been on here for a really long time!! but I guess being a mommy and luving myspace is getting the best of me..lol. anyways my boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me. you guys know that he is in jail right? well he called me a few days ago actully his sister 3 wayed me..but the number said private, and when I answered he said 'what are you doing' I said who's this?? he was like george. I was like who? don't you mean anthony? he said oh so your talking to other guys? and told his sister to hang up the phone. so i called his sister asking if her brother has called, she said no that he is very upset with me.

He called me last night saying why do I keep calling his house? I didn't know what to say so I just said IDK?! then he said stop calling his house, and told his sister to hang the phone up.

I got a letter from him today saying that i'm a fake bezzy! and that i'm a bitch and he thought I was real. and he liked what he thought we had., and just insulting me like he never has before!! he also said not to write to him or go see him that he doesn't want anything to do with me..and he took me off of his visiting list. he said he is happy to go to mexico now that he is going to find a real girl over there..nothing like me! :( you don't know how bad i cryed he said he is going to mail back all my letters and pics to me. damn is he going overboard with this? I THINK SO..i have never been so heart broken before, i wrote him a letter asking him to forgive me..i hope he does.

I'm sick and tired of going out with guys and having my heart broken..I just want one guy to love me for me..and to spend the rest of our lives together..i'm starting to think that'll never happen now.

does anyone have n e advice?  should I give up on him? do you think he'll get over it? that he's just mad right now?? let me know please!1

Love you guys !

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Long time no update! [21 Apr 2007|10:01am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey  everyone!! how are you? I'm doing good. Well I haven't updated in a while so I thought I'd do so right now. Whats new with me? I am going to baptize my son on May 19th. There will be an  party at my house! hehe! no beer though! anyways.  My boyfriend Xavier is still in jail..his next court date is on May the 9th! Hopefully they release him!!

Today I'm going to a baby shower my good old friend Johanna she is almost due! then I'll go visit my baby Xavier! gosh I miss him hehe. anyways, I'm gonna be take summer classes at the college..just part time though. I  need to go shopping though. I don't have a lot of clothes for school. but yeah.

Ok I'll go comment your journals now!

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I miss you [27 Mar 2007|10:36am]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey ya'll !! sorry I haven't been around but you know me and come and go around here. Anyways my boyfriend went to jail on the 25th.  He called to tell me and I was soo shocked!! he has 3 charges on him..sales{drugs} and he was drunk and hit a girl..and the cops found a fire arm in his room. Hopefully they just give him a few months because this is his first time being in jail. Gosh I miss him already!! I went to visit him yesterday{26th} He cut his hair 0=  he was letting it grow so i was like what? lol. He was happy to see me, and he said that I made his day :) but I can tell he was sad to be in there. It sucked I couldn't hold his hand or kiss him or anything!! I am probably going to go see him again on friday. I wrote him a letter yesterday, he should get it tomorrow. He has court either today or tomorrow. 

I've been thinking a lot about him..and us! I hope we stay together forever I am tired of getting hurt and starting all over.. I really care about him a lot!! 

Aidan started teething and I just realized he is growing a tooth :) poor baby though he is always crying! He has an appt. on Thursday. ah another shot!!

K i'll comment your journal's now.

LOve YA!

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I had soo much fun. [23 Mar 2007|08:54am]
[ mood | happy ]

Yesterday!!! I went to see my boyfriend.. well adriana & I did. We went to the movies and seen '300' it was a pretty good movie. but its more of a guys movie,heh! We ate pizza, played games. ah just soo much fun! I am soo happy to be with him. he is shorter than me! way shorter but i don't care. he makes me forget about everything and like i'm the only girl for him! he told me he loved me last night! he never said that b4. I told him I love him too, because I do I do love him. wow it feels great to be loved and to love. I think i'm not gonna see him for sometime though, because my mom says I need to stay home with Aidan. so I'll give it 2 weeks. hehe. 

Nothing else is new. I want to go back to school in August,. Idk though I won't be getting finaical aid though, coz of my grades. and I'll have to buy my own books and they are kind of expensive. so idk! but i miss intrativing with ppl. well i'll have to go comment y'alls journal now..coz i'm way behind on your lifes. :)

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It's about time! [18 Mar 2007|11:20am]
That  I did an update.  Well same ol stuff. just staying home with Aidan. he's getting bigger and chunky..lol! me and xaiver are doing good! I see him like once a week {coz he works and only has 2 days off} he treats me well! he always tells me how nice I look and how good I smell hehe. & he just makes me feel good. he says he doesn't want to lose me. and that i'm a good girl and he is keeping me. I am falling for him :) I think he's falling for me too! I hope so at least. well i'll update more later..coz aidan is crying!
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We don't want no drama drama... [27 Feb 2007|10:47am]
[ mood | bored ]

I recently decided to ask my friend Yesenia and her boyfriend Robert to baptize my son. Normally it wouldn't be a  problem right? expect that I agreed that I'd let my other friend Maria do it. Well she is the one that voulteered herself to be his God mother as soon as she found out I was pregant with my baby. I just went along with it. but secretly I didn't want her to be his God Mother..for the reason that she is always saying lil things like" if anything happend to you and for some reason your mom didn't want him i'd fight for him" or that she had a dream that someone called CPS on me..and they didn't let my mom get him so she fought for him. and another thing is she is always holding him in public, and when she needs to do something she asks me "can you hold him" as if he isn't my child. Plus I have known Yesenia longer, and been much better friends with her and she has a son..so I just feel more comfortable with her baptizing him.

Well I texted my friend maria yesterday telling her, she responded telling me that she has been there for both me and my son Aidan. and that it doesn't mean anything to me. and I said yes it does she said no it doesn't because of i did i wouldn't go back on my word. I said well actully it was your word. i just went along with it becoz I didn't know how to say no to you.
  She ended up saying its best that we don't talk for some days becoz I hurt her alot

             I think she is over reacting..yeah it is kinda fucked up on my behave that I am doing this but hey I least i'm being honset with myself and her! she should appericate that! and if this stops us from being friends then so be it..coz if our friendship means anything then she will forgive me and try to understand. But yeah thats my drama right now! 

Other than that..things are great I got back with Xaiver..yes i know its dumb but hey I believe in second chances..if he does it again then he is history! 

  Well take care everyone!~! Love ya

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I don't want no drama drama! [16 Feb 2007|05:18pm]
I recently found out that Xaiver the guy I WAS dating..cheated on me with his x! he slept with her a night b4 valenties day..and he told me the next day. and the following day he said he got back with her. & the whore texts me and tells me not to call or text her man anymore. I just don't understand guys, why do they get with a girl..if they still care about their ex? he had told me he didn't care for her anymore. but now that she moved back he does. *Sighs* I always fall for the jerks& i fall fast.,.to fast! well I was alone for Valentines day once again. but it was quite ok.  I went out to eat with my cousin's girlfriend. then later that night my friend Maria came by and we just hung out eating junk food..Lol!

Other than that not much is new. Same ol..staying home attending to my son! Today however when my friend gets outta work..we're heading to the mall.  And tomorrow i'll be going to a baptism. 

Sorry I haven't commented any of your journals lately..I'll try to do so before I get offline. k?

Update! I sent a note to my baby daddy's friend on myspace..telling him to let him know he has a son. he responded back saying that i'm a hoe! Boy does he have some fucking nerve. HE IS LUCKY I DONT TURN HIS ASS TO CHILD SUPPORT!
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Wow I have missed you.. [22 Jan 2007|01:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Ya'll I have missed you soo much! it's just i've been too lazy to get on lj..lol plus i'm always on myspace! well since i've last been on here a few things have changed. Let's see I had my baby boy on Dec 24th,2006!! he is such a a beautiful baby!! he weighed 8 pounds, and 2 oz.  Omg the labor was tough. Like to the max. I didn't start getting contractions until like 10:00 {on the 23rd} and they were bad..I couldn't stand the pain, but I did not get the shot on my back! I'm so proud of myself! but however I got the drugs from the IV but i still felt the contrations. Also when I was pushing him out. it hurt soo bad, k. anyways. I took him home Chirstmas night, I was so relieved to go home..it was very lonely in the hosptial and I wasn't comfortable sleeping there ya know what i mean?

Today I took my son a bath for the first time!!  he didn't cry. and it went well!   oh btw his name is Aidan! no middle name! 

I have a boyfriend named ♥Xavier♥ so far so good. that's all I gotta say about that! 

Okay until next time. Love ya!

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Not again! [11 Dec 2006|01:07pm]
Hey Y'all whats going on? well as for me..My due date is back to Chirstmas..ugh lol. everyone is waiting for my baby to be here, they want him to come out already. esp my mom and step dad and cousin. and ME! my friend is getting soo annoying though, like she calls 2 a day just to see if "im okay" or if i had the baby yet..and she thinks she is going to be in the room when I have him..boy does she have another thing coming to her. lol! I  just want my mom to be in there with me..nobody else! well besides the docts and nurses that is!  

Dec 3~ I finally had my baby shower, it didn't go as great as I thought it would have..I mean the games were kinda boring, the decrations were not soo good. and Like 6 ppl that I  invited didn't even show up! but on the bright side I did get a lot of presents. I got plenty of outfits, onesis, and bibs, hats, socks, ect. it was cool. 

I have finals today at 5-7 it is a culture one, my culture is Japanese, and I have to have a food prepared, a art and music to share with the class..thus far all I have is green tea to take lol, and by the time it gets there it will be cold oh well! and another thing is I have info on the art and music but I just don't have something to take to class..ack I hope my teacher doesn't mark my grade too low.  Then on Wes I have 2 finals..the first one is from 5-7 and the second one is from 7-9, one is a exam,and the 2nd one is a art apperication paper, it just needs to be one page typed..

Well comments are love and I'll return the favor.

Love Val
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[20 Nov 2006|07:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey y'all sorry I haven't beeen on Lj at all lately, there's been alot going on with me. Such as doing hw, and going to doctor visits{ i go  ever week now}! and I am not doing so good in my classes, I have an f, a d, and a c, and  A.  I've just been lagging it with my hw and turning stuff in on time. I need to get on the ball!  

I have to do a research paper on Pregenancy, which isn't bad, but I need to do 6 resources which I don't have. I maybe have like 3. Ga! I also need 2 type a paper. Ugh! 

Oh on Sat {11/18/06} I went to San Fransico for a field trip with our college. My friend Yeseina and I had a blast. We visited 2 museums. the first one was a science one and it was really cool. We took a few pics by things. The second musuem was boring though it was a art one. We seen a gay couple there holding hands[males] My friend took a picture of them walking holding hands..lol shes crazy. Then we went to gilory on the way back[ there is a shit load of outlets there}! I didn't buy anything but I peirced my ears 2 on each sides. The bus ride was cool..I just didn't like the bath room becoz it was too small. I to a nap on the way up there. it was soo fun! my friend Rose was making us laugh soo much!

Tomorrow I have an appt. Blah. Oh my new due date is on the 11th of Dec.

Well comments are love. 

  Love ya!

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Hola! [11 Nov 2006|01:30pm]

Hey Everybody check out my new baby ticker..Lol! so I'll do a real update later on okay? ♥Val

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Omg I haven't.... [02 Nov 2006|05:39pm]

I haven't been on LJ in foreverness!! Okay Hi everyone. how are you? Me I'm just fine! Well I have to update y'all on my pregency! I am almost there!! I am now due on the 12th of Dec. and I know what i'm having...Drum roll please! IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knew it was..they said the way my stomach was shaped! I am happy that it is  a boy..But a lil sad that I don't get my Hayley :( but hey Boys are easier to take care of I THINK.. so yeah! My pregency is been good. I feel good, just I do get tired sometimes, like when I go walking or something. but other than that I can't really complain. I don't have everything for my baby yet! but I got a few outfits[ mostly Pj's since it' s going to be a winter baby} and I have the hats, some mittens, also gloves, socks, a few blankets.. I still need to buy baby bottles, more blankets, and clothes. oh I also have like 3 packs of pampers and baby wipes, I know I'll need A LOT more though. <br><br> I also have my "hosptial bag" its a black tinkerbell one ;) and I have my mini Shampoo& conditioner[sp], Lil thing of lotion, PINK slippers and a pink robe, pjs, undies and socks...LOL! yeah I want to be comfty as possiable when i'm there! anyways I need to get a purse now! any suggestions on where to get a purse and what kind? I sooo wanna get a louie vittion one..but I know they are expensive..and so are the Coach ones..but they are too cute! okay..i'm still going to school..The semester ends on the 15th of Dec..I don't know if i'm make it until then thogh. but one of my teachers said she'll work with me on the finals. Oh on Nov 18th I'm suppouse to go to San Fransico to go on a felid trip, but I don't know if  i can go..I need to ask my doctor first. and if so Hopefully I can do some shopping there..Lol! any ways I know this entry is soo long  bbut I haven't been on this in forever..And I want to update you on EVERYTHING.  k i'm running out of things to say but i'm goin to check your journals out now ;)

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Pink is love! [28 Sep 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Hey everyone! how is going? as for me it is alright. I went to my new doctor today..I thought I would get to meet her but I didnt,bacically I just went there to take my records[of my health and such] and feel out paper work  blah..I got a few baby magazines though :)  The nurse lady said she'll call me tomorrow to make me an appt because her computer was froze and it was alreay 4:00 so I'll have to go back next week for my appt. which sucks lol..Hopefully they shedule me an appt for an ultra sound too as well! so yeah we  went to Mc Donalds today because we couldn't decidce where to eat, and there was this lil chubby boy that asked my mom if she had 30 cents..and then they were asking everyone..and this man in like a business suit gave them money too..then this woman walked in and the liltle boy asked for quater and she ended up buying him 3 chesse bugers and we heard the boys saying that today was a good day,but tomorrow might not be..You have to wonder in sitituions like that do they have good parents,or are they just clowning around?  <br><br> Other than that nothing else is new..just another day. well take care everyone coz  I care!

&hearts; Ya~

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Asshole [27 Sep 2006|12:11pm]
Hey Y'all whats going on? not much here..wait I lied. Yesterday I found out my ex b.f is the one that stole my cell phone from me [Remember my old cricket camera cell]? well it wasn't activated or anything but apparetnly he has it and he turned it on!! His so called friend told me and that he seen pictures of me on it! how dare him...ugh I was soo pissed! and to make sure it was the same guy he sent me a pic of him! grr fuckin bastard. and suppousely he called that guy and my ex said " tell her i said fuck you and r u still having a baby" so I deleted that guy from my friends list,and told him not to talk to me anymore. I don't want no drama right now :( But yeah that just made me soo upset!

There isnt anything new other than me having class today @ 4:00 hopefully my friend is back on time. then tomorrow I have an appt to meet my doc that is going to deliver my baby. Well take care everyone because you know I care.
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Since i've been gone. [22 Sep 2006|09:02pm]
Sorry I haven't been on lj lately to comment in your journals. I just lost interst in it again! I spend my online time on myspace. so yeah~

Nothing new with me. just going to school and going for walks. But i didnt go today because my friend wasn't feeling well. well my doc finally found me an ob..but I can't have my baby where I wanted to have it :( because those docs don't accept my kind of medical there. but n e ways I have an appt on tues @ 3:30 but I'm not sure if i'm going or not. Since I have class all day that day, I don't think its a good idea to skip..but idk yet! I might reshedule or something.

One of my good friends hasn't been calling or anything lately, it makes me feel bad because she visits and calls 2 other friend..but doesn't even call me! and this is the girl that wants to baptis my baby I'm def having second thoughts about that. O and she is leaving for a month so i'm not having my baby shower. because her and my other friend were suppouse to throw me a shower..but since she is leaving my friend said its too much money to do it alone! ahhhhhhhhh! is how I feel about that. i have homework to do and I have a paper due next week!

Well I guess thats enough bitching for tonight. Love y'all!
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Party!!!!!!! [10 Sep 2006|11:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey everybody! how's it going? as for me well its going..lmao! n e way..yesterday{Sat} I went to 3 parties in one day! hehe the first one was a baby shower..It started at 5:00 but we got there around six hehe. It was fun! for the first time I actully got a gift lol, it was some type of asian box..but I left that in my friends bfs exploer.. so yeah I  then went with my friend to our other friends nephews party..it was boring lol. then we went to a wedding that was boring becoz I can't dance with a big ol bellly..yeah~<br><br>My mom surprised me this  morning and brought out some baby clothes she bought me yesterday..she had to get yellow and blue like for either or u know? and one of the outfits was green and white with CUPCAKES lol so if its not a girl can't use that! plus some lil blankies hehe..so thoughtful of her!! also my friend Maria well her aunt give me aa baby car seat,its cute and perfect for the winter! and she also got me a boppie:sp: its so the baby can sit up on or u can feed the baby on it too.,.cute! well Nothing else is been up with me,still haven't started my research ahh~ take care everyone!

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school sucks. [07 Sep 2006|04:38pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey everybody! how have you been? Sorry I haven't been commenting on journals here lately..I just been on myspace and forgot about lj LOL. n e wayz school is starting to get a lil tough..One class is actully..its suppouse to be a child development class but its about cluture..and I have to do research on Chinese American and present it with my group next month very nervous about that! I also need to look for books on it and so forth..and Have to have some of it done by next week to show the teacher whats done so far..ahh! then for the same class a we have to write four pages for this one thing..dont really remember but it cant be typed..thats due on the 27th..ack! n e wayz everything is fine with me..Still don't know what im having{baby} and I want to know!~ well i'll stop ranting now..

Love Peace & Chicekn Grease!

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This is your ? Jenn:) [31 Aug 2006|11:07am]
[ mood | hungry ]

who in your life has changed you?

My baby has changed me alot..because before I got preg. I was out partying up to no good! and I was hanging out with younger people. but now I go to school,and I hang out with people my own age. and I don't plan on being the way I use to be!

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Pink hearts are ♥ [30 Aug 2006|01:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Got this from Hayley!

Ask me anything and everything about my life that you are curious about. It doesn't matter how personal or nosy it may seem.

I'll make a post with all your questions and answers either tomorrow or the next day. Ask as many as you like!

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